Summer Occupational Therapy (OT) Calendar and Skill Sheets

Some children with special needs may receive Occupational Therapy as a related service in the school setting to address motor skill deficits. The primary purpose of Occupational Therapy in the school setting is to help the student be successful at achieving their educational objectives listed in their IEP.

It is extremely important that there is carry over in the home setting as well. Sally Daugherty, OT/L put together a calendar, that has been adapted for this website. This calendar can be used during the summer months combining therapeutic, yet fun activities that can be done with your child to help keep up their skills. Activities can be adapted according to your child's abilities and age - have fun and invite your child's siblings or friends to join along!

2012 Summer OT Calendar

We've also created activity sheets and provided links that you can print and use as you follow along with the calendar.

This link may be used to practice handwriting skills for first and last names, address, phone number and more. The page may be set up as landscape or portrait. Tip: Go over letters with a highlighter for better visibility. Printing letters, even tracing, can be very difficult - keep it fun and gently encourage practice. Refer to the Pre-writing Strokes pages as helpful tools.

Dot-to-dot activity sheets are easily found online. Here is a link to a site with sheets of varying difficulty.

Free printable coloring sheets can also be found online. This link is to the official Crayola website.