MAPS (Making Action Plans)

What is MAPS?

MAPS is a person centered planning process that brings together the key players in a child's life to identify a "roadmap" for working toward and achieving goals for the focus child. (Forest & Lusthaus, 1989; Vandercook et al., 1989) The MAPS process identifies where the child currently is, what the goals are for the child, and how the team will work together to reach the goals.

MAPS has an established framework that addresses the child's history, identity, strengths, gifts, and the team's nightmares and dreams for the child. The child's needs and action steps for the plan are also identified.

The MAPS process is most effective when the team has a general idea of what the goal are for the focus child (i.e. inclusion, more friends.) (Kincaid & Fox, 2002; Pearpoint et al., 1993)

MAPS Planning Tool Example