Ten Skills To Teach A Child In Preparation For Life After High School

  • Teach student to wake up to an alarm clock.
  • Teach student to use a clock or watch to monitor timed tasks.
  • Teach student to be adequately groomed.
  • Teach student to be responsible for his or her own things.
  • Teach student to use visual cues to remember tasks.
  • Teach student to cook or prepare simple snacks that do not require cooking.
  • Teach student to use the phone.
  • Teach student to go places independently.
  • Teach students to take certain items along when leaving the house.
  • Teach student about personal safety.

Major issues associated with poor employment outcomes:

  • Ability to work independently
  • Social communication (responding to name, greeting, waiting, saying "I don't know," etc.)
  • Planning and organization
  • Daily living skills, particularly in the area of grooming

Academic achievement does not offset poorly developed social communication and daily living skills.