Becoming My Own Self-Advocate

As an adult, you will need to speak up for yourself. When you do this you are being a "self-advocate."

Times I might need to be a self-advocate:

  • My IEP meeting (in high school)
  • When asking for accommodations for classes in high school or college
  • On the job
  • Being involved in my community

What do I need to help me become a better self-advocate?

  • Understand my rights and responsibilities
  • Learn to be assertive
  • Know the types of accommodations I need
  • Find opportunities to make choices
  • Know how to contact support people I need
  • Other _____________________________________________________

~ Full Life Ahead

YOU can learn more about Self-Advocacy in the State of Indiana by visiting the The Arc of Indiana's web site and clicking on "Self-Advocates" on the home page.