Top Ten Practical Tips For Parents

  9.  Invite people into your life—people want to help… they just don't know how!
  8.  Become Knowledgeable! Educate Yourself! Document everything and keep copies together!
  7.  Always focus on your child's STRENGTHS!
  6.  Give your child the chance to be "ALL HE OR SHE CAN BE!"
  5.  Dream Big and Continue to Dream! Many people become successful because of what "others believed they could do!"
  4.  Take one day at a time—Realize the progress you've made!
  3.  Keep making friends! Somewhere along the way you will meet someone who can help you in your daily walk!
  2.  If you aren't happy with the results you are getting, go up the chain of command!
  1.  Sometimes we must create our own support system, with our own family and close friends and also within the community.

~ Full Life Ahead