Catch-A-Ride Services

Another option to getting around on your own is Catch-A-Ride services, with locations in Dearborn, Ripley, Jefferson, Decatur, Ohio and Switzerland counties. Catch-A-Ride is like other public transportation systems in that they are available to individuals of all ages, they have scheduled pick up and arrival times, and they are a shared ride service; however, Catch-A-Ride provides a more personal transportation service because they pick up customers and deliver them to their destination with either a door-to-door or curb-to-curb type service. Limited bus stops are a thing of the past! The Catch-A-Ride vehicle may make additional pickups and stops before you reach your destination, but we will get you to your destination.

Contact information Catch-A-Ride; 812-432-3960 or 800-330-7603

Other Relevant Information Please visit the web site for more information required to help with scheduling your needs.