Catch-A-Ride Services

Another option to getting around on your own is Catch-A-Ride services, with locations in Dearborn, Ripley, Jefferson, Decatur, Ohio and Switzerland counties. Catch-A-Ride is like other public transportation systems in that they are available to individuals of all ages, they have scheduled pick up and arrival times, and they are a shared ride service; however, Catch-A-Ride provides a more personal transportation service because they pick up customers and deliver them to their destination with either a door-to-door or curb-to-curb type service. Limited bus stops are a thing of the past! The Catch-A-Ride vehicle may make additional pickups and stops before you reach your destination, but we will get you to your destination.

Children five-years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult. Catch-A-Ride Extra services are available to meet the needs of frail older adults or individuals with disabilities that need additional assistance. More information is available at the web site.

Contact information Catch-A-Ride; 812-432-3960 or 800-330-7603

Cost for Services The general fare is: $1.25 5 miles or less, in county; $4.50 Over 5 miles, in county; and, $1.00 additional charge for each county line crossed.

The discount fare, available to children under 12-years old, persons with disabilities, and persons 60 and over, is: $0.75 5 miles or less, in county; $2.25 over 5 miles, in county; and, $0.50 additional charge for each county line crossed.

Persons with disabilities may apply for a discount card by calling Catch-A-Ride. Each child under five may ride for free per one fare-paying adult. Prices may vary for special trips. Catch-A-Ride drivers are required to collect fares upon customer boarding the vehicle.

Other Relevant Information Make your request as early as possible, up to seven days in advance, but no later than 24-hours before you wish to ride (by noon the day prior). Please visit the web site for more information required to help with scheduling your needs.