Laying The Groundwork

In order to receive community living information that is relevant to your wants and needs, the first step is to know your vision for a desirable future home and home life.

Step 1. Answer these questions

  • What is your ideal living arrangement?
  • What do you consider desirable housing (e.g., apartment, house)?
  • What are desirable locations (e.g., near employment, close to the family home)?
  • With whom do you want to live or do you want to live alone?

Step 2. Determine what supports will be needed within your own home or within your family home

In order for you to be successful in your own home or within your family home, you must carefully consider how much and what type of assistance will be needed. The following worksheet may be useful in summarizing those things you can do on your own and those areas where you will need assistance.

Note: Adapted from A Guide to Planning for Housing and Supports, by Deborah McCarty, 2000. Bloomington: Indiana Institute on Disability and Community.

What Types of Assistance May Be Available?