College and Post-Secondary Services

Making the choice...

Picking a school to attend after high school is challenging for any student. There are many things to consider when picking the perfect place to meet your needs. The following are important questions to ask potential colleges in order to make good choices and to make the transition from high school to college as smooth as possible.

  • How will I get to campus?
  • How will I move around campus?
  • Do I need personal assistance services?
  • What are my specific accommodation needs for classes?
  • How do I complete assignments?
  • What do I need for my personal life if I live on campus?
  • How do I shop, bank, socialize?

Once you narrow your choice of schools, it is in your advantage to inform the school of your disability and need for accommodations.

Specific Questions You May Need to Ask
College and Post-Secondary Services for Persons with Disabilities in Indiana
Now That You Are Admitted
What Laws Apply to Me?