Applying for Assistance

Applying for In-home and Other Community Living Supports and Services

Indiana Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS)

Home and community based services are funded primarily through two avenues: the Medicaid Waiver and CHOICE programs. The role of BDDS includes serving a first point of entry for people wishing to apply for Medicaid Waiver and CHOICE programs. In-home supports and services available through these programs may include but are not limited to personal attendant services, home modifications, respite, service coordination, and instruction in areas of need and interest (known as residential-based habilitation). If you are interested in assistance to live in your own home or in having additional supports within your family's home contact BDDS and apply for the Medicaid Waiver and the CHOICE programs.

It is the intent of BDDS to "plan, develop and administer programs for community based residential alternatives to placement in state institutions and health facilities under IC 16-10-4 for developmentally disabled individuals." (Source: Section 24.IC 12-1 1-1-1, as added by HEA 1133 of the 1992 regular session of the General Assembly). BDDS also is the state agency that contracts with local community living service organizations to provide community living supports to individuals in their own homes, in other families' homes and in group homes.

Funding may be obtained to assist with the cost of housing (e.g., rent, mortgage, utilities, food) and support services. Funding for individuals is directed through local service agencies. An individual must go through the state application process where eligibility for services is determined.

If you are determined eligible for services and if funding is available, you may begin to receive assistance from local organizations that have contracted with the state to provide community living services. It is suggested that you interview local community living service providers to learn about the services available.

Each organization may be able to introduce you to people with disabilities who they support and to other families with whom they are involved. This will give you an opportunity to determine which organizations may best address your priorities. Your local BDDS office can direct you to available local organizations that provide in-home and other support services.

For more information or to apply for services contact the District 8 BDDS office or call 812-522-5859.

The Indiana Institute on Disability and Community website offers detailed instructions for the application process for the Medicaid Waiver and information that will help you access an application packet for the Family Supports Medicaid Waiver (FSW)

Recommended Reading
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The Arc of Indiana has also produced this helpful 4-page guide: A Guide to Transitioning to a Home with Medicaid Waiver Supports in Your Community


  • Note: You do not have to move from your family home to receive in-home and community living supports.
  • Apply now for services with both BDDS and Area Agency on Aging (AAA).

    If you plan on remaining within the family home and needs some additional assistance, now or in the future, apply at the BDDS office for the Medicaid Waiver and CHOICE programs. BDDS may refer you to AAA if necessary. Each program funds services for adults and children. Parental income is excluded in the application for Medicaid Waiver funded services.

    If you are interested in living outside of the family home after graduation, with assistance from community service organizations, it is strongly recommended that you apply for services no later than your fifteenth (15th) birthday. Apply for services through BDDS (the first point of entry) and the AAA office (the second point of entry). There is currently a waiting list for community services of approximately 5,000 people with disabilities. In many instances, people have been waiting for years for assistance.